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Celtic Instrumentals For Fingerstyle Guitar I - Homespun

Celtic Instrumentals For Fingerstyle Guitar I - Homespun
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Price: $24.95

Learn to play in DADGAD, the popular guitar tuning that gives many Celtic and British Isles instrumentals their special beauty and power. Al Petteway shows you how to play exquisite arrangements using droning bass notes, slides, bends, trills and other guitar tricks to imitate the haunting sounds of harps and pipes.

This wonderful lesson by one of today's most admired fingerstyle players is filled with invaluable insights into playing in Celtic style, from strongly syncopated rhythm strokes to the ringing, harp-like sounds of "cross-string" picking. You'll learn to locate the notes and chords in DADGAD, and how to use the capo to utilize open strings in different keys. Al explains how to play the modal scales that feature strongly in this kind of music, which allow you to improvise within the genre, and he provides important exercises for gaining maximum fluidity in all of your guitar playing.

Best of all, you'll learn to take traditional tunes and make them unique to your own style and abilities. Al teaches five beautiful pieces from his vast repertoire including Sligo Creek, Rise Up My Love, New Year's Day, On Christmas Night  (a medley) and Chesapeake.


"Anyone interested in trying DADGAD tuning and/or Celtic style guitar playing, this two video series is a must! ... Mr. Petteway's personal technique is impressive as he makes each piece look easy and fun to play. His playing style is fluent and graceful and his compositions both emotional and inspiring to listen to. Lots of new ideas can be generated from this video for broadening your own creativity and composing skills. I was searching for a direction in my personal playing style, and thanks to Al Petteway, I think I found it!" -- Guitar News