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Appalachian Fingerstyle Guitar in DADGAD Tuning Vol I - Blues, Hymns, Celtic and Banjo Styles

Appalachian Fingerstyle Guitar in DADGAD Tuning Vol I - Blues, Hymns, Celtic and Banjo Styles
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Price: $29.95

The ringing strings and open voicings of DADGAD produce an ethereal, almost magical guitar sound. In Al Petteway’s masterful hands, well-known Southern Mountain songs and instrumentals are given a new treatment, brought to life with fresh new harmonies and inventive fingerpicking.

Al shows you how easy it is to play in DADGAD and how this tuning can enhance even the most familiar song. You’ll find it exciting and fun to learn blues/fingerpicking favorites inspired by Doc Watson, Etta Baker and Merle Travis; explore the rich harmonies and haunting melodies of ancient Sacred Harp shape-note hymns; play hard-driving banjo tunes; and imitate the Scots/Irish bagpipe and fiddle sounds that are the Celtic roots of Appalachian music. Al offers a myriad of guitar techniques and numerous tips on musicianship and style that will enhance everything you do on the guitar.

Songs: John Henry, Sitting on Top of the World, I Am a Pilgrim, Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad, Wondrous Love, Wayfaring Stranger, Shady Grove, Pretty Polly, Reuben’s Train and Craggy Pinnacle.

This title is also available as a digital download from Homespun.

From a happy customer:

"AA++ I recently fell in love with fingerstyle guitar and alternate tunings. When I heard this arrangement of Wayfaring Stranger, I was in awe. This was a stretch for me and way above my abilities at the time. NOW ... I can actually play it note for note with the DVD. This step-by-step video includes the music notes and TAB. Regardless of your preference for learning, Al Petteway covers all the bases. Now I'm learning a couple more of these fascinating tunes. My best piece of advice? Tasty elephant ... How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! As someone new to alternate thumb picking and clueless as to how to learn something this complicated, I took it ONE measure at a time. Soon I was adding those bites together and had 19 measures down; I was at the bridge, which repeats, and well on my way. I can't express how highly I recommend this DVD. Thanks Al Petteway! My listeners thank him, too. Good luck and happy musical growth. ~Godspeed rj”

PS My metronome was an extremely helpful tool, too.