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Rescue Me - A Cause for Paws

Rescue Me - A Cause for Paws
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Price: $15.00

RESCUE ME! a cause for paws

is a  12-track compilation album of Americana music that honors our four-legged friends. Rescue Me! features songs about dogs and cats that are thought-provoking, uplifting, engaging, and downright funny.

Amy was thrilled to co-produce Rescue Me! with Steven Briggs, owner of Blue Night Records. All of the tracks on the CD were donated to the project by the songwriters and the performers. All of the profits from Rescue Me! sales will be donated to animal welfare organizations.



1. Barn Cat - (Mary Ann Kennedy)

2. Possum and Pearl - (Kathy Chiavola)

3. Our Cats - (Cindy Mangsen/written by Robin Flower & Libby McLaren)

4. Get a Dog - (Annie Lalley)

5. My Old Cat - (Heidi Muller)

6. My Best Friend - (Mark Weems)

7. Kitty Kitty - (Ashley Jo Farmer)

8. Why, Why, Why - (Friction Farm)

9. Cattitude - (Effron White)

10. I Miss the Dog - (Jamie Anderson)

11. The Best Dog - (Amy White)

12. The Kitty Ditty - (Joel Mabus)